Where to get Beer Online in Abuja?

Beer, the drink of strong and mature men and women alike. Beer is the oldest and most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. When classified under drinks, it ranks third only to water and tea. The method involved in the production of beer is the fermentation of starch containing cereals like malted barley, maize and rice. A cold glass of lager is refreshing and can be your saving grace on a hot sunny day; but beer wins all the time. It has a great taste, perfect for every weather and also has tons of benefits. When consumed in the right amount, beer has some very surprising nutritional value. For starters, it can act as an anti-cancer agent. A certain compound found in the hops which is used to brew beer serves as a primary agent used in the chemoprevention of cancer. Another one of the major benefits is that it drastically helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular (heart) ailments. Beer is very rich in B6 Vitamins which stops the buildup of harmful substances round the walls of the heart. Other great and life saving benefits include increased bone density, prevention of diabetes and anemia, anti-aging abilities and hypertension. The enumerations are endless and will probably not end if I continue.

Chilled Beer Delivered to your doorstep

Beer is considered to be a necessity these days, but Nkataa has made it easier for you. Now you don’t have to join the long annoying queues at the supermarket to get your favorite beers. We offer you the widest range possible and guarantee you’ll find perfection in whatever brand you decide to buy. It really doesn’t matter if you are a social drinker only or you invite all your boys over for a drink, we are here to help you discover what real beer taste and look like. You can purchase adult drinks, bitters, stout and cider. Or you prefer Star lager beer, Heineken, Gulder beer, Harp premier beer, Guinness extra stout; we’ve also got that fully in stock. No matter what your preference is, Nkataa has got you covered.

Heineken Lager Beer, Can, 33cl
ORIJIN Can (33cl)
Star Lager Beer Can, 33cl
Smirnoff Ice, Can, 33cl
Hero Lager Beer Can, 500ml
ORIJIN Bitters (75cl)
Gulder Beer, Can, 33cl
Smirnoff Ice Can, (24 x 33cl)
Harp Premium Can Beer 330ml
ORIJIN Bitters (20cl)
Kasaprenko Alomo Bitters (750ml)
Gulder Beer Can 50cl
Angostura Aromatic Bitters 200ml
Harp Premium Beer 60cl
Out of stock
Harp Premium Can Beer 500ml