Bulk Purchase Of Pet Food Online in Nigeria

Pets just like human beings have nutritional needs too and Nkataa has a special place for them too. In this section, you will discover everything you have been searching for, as long as it’s food and pet related. From single small packs and tins to bulk sacks of cat and dog foods. Unlike the scary stuff you would get from other pet stores, we give you premium quality and nutrient filled foods that would bring your pet back to life. The Pet food section offers you products like Go Cat Dry Food, Felix Cat Food, Whiskas and Pedigree (Chicken, Chicken & Veg, and Original). You can also get Bakers dog food for both puppies and dogs. We also have something for our Fish pet owners with Feed Me Fish Flakes.

Bulk Pet Food On Nkataa

Pets just like humans require proteins in large amount as it is their main source of energy. They handle basically everything the animals requires to survive – muscle mass, immune system, bones, blood and proper functioning of the entire body system. Pedigree dog food which comes in three different flavors is just perfect for your adult dogs. It has the right balance of grains and proteins garnished with vegetables that keep your dog healthy and energetic. Bakers complete for small dogs meets the nutritional needs of puppies and smaller dogs, it contains very tasty meaty chunks. They contain all the necessary nutrients your growing dog requires and can serve as a balance meal for the whole day. Cat lovers too can get the Whiskas Cat Food, the natural fibers in this pet formula ensures that your adorable cat stays hairball free and remains healthy. Containing superior proteins, your cat develops quality coat and bone health. What are you waiting for? Place your orders now and get it in few hours.

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