Bulk Purchase

  • Save 20%
Capri-Sun, Orange (40 x 200ml) Carton
3,250 2,590
Eva Premium Table Water (75cl x 12) Carton
Star Lager Beer Can (33cl x 24) Pack
Gulder Beer, Can, (33cl x 24) Pack Gulder Beer, Can, (33cl x 24) Pack
Heineken Lager Beer, Can, (33cl x 24) Pack
Harp Premium Beer,Triple Filtered, Can, (33cl x 24) Pack
  • Save 15%
McVitie's All Butter Shortbread 24x200g
19,960 17,000
Princes Sardines in Sunflower Oil 12x120g
  • Save 5%
Snickers 6x50g
2,100 2,000
  • Save 40%
Dangote Salt 500g
250 150
Canoe White Soap (140g x 48)
  • Save 13%
Maggi Chicken 400g x 16 (Carton)
20,000 17,500
Turkey Brand Pure Vegetable Oil, Cholesterol Free (3L x 6) Turkey Brand Pure Vegetable Oil, Cholesterol Free (3L x 6)
Chamdor Sparkling Grape Juice Red 750ml x 6 (Carton)
  • Save 7%
Valentino Sparkling Grape Wine 24 Bottles (Carton)
16,800 15,600
Eva Non-Alcholic Grape Wine, 6 x 75cl (Carton)
Gino Tomato Paste 70g x 50
  • Save 5%
Croaker Fish Carton (10kg)
14,500 13,800
  • Save 20%
Royal Stallion Rice (50kg)
20,000 16,000
  • Save 26%
White Garri (bag)
21,000 15,500
  • Save 21%
Yellow Garri (Bag)
21,000 16,500
Fanta Can, (24 x 33cl)
  • Save 5%
Malta Guinness Can (24 x 33cl)
3,700 3,500
  • Save 5%
Maltina Can (24 x 33cl)
3,700 3,500
  • Save 7%
Amstel Malta Can, (24 x 33cl)
4,150 3,850

Grocery bulk purchase

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