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Baby Skincare is very important and the products used too are very vital. Do you need help compiling the list of things to buy for your baby? You might be new to this whole process so we are here to put you through. One of the essential products is baby powder. Just the right fragrance alone goes a long way in soothing your baby and creating a happy mood. The right powder would ensure that your little bundle of joy remains fresh and dry all through the day. Every baby deserves the best and how you treat them is how they would grow up to be. Make sure you pick out the best from the list right here. Baby powder plays quite a major role in the smoothness of your baby’s skin. In that in mind, Nkataa working with medical professionals came up with these set of selected baby powder products that are just best for the health of you cute precious little one. Buy Vaseline baby jelly, pears baby moisturizing lotion, seba med baby cream extra soft, seba med baby cleansing bar, seba med baby shampoo and many more.

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Baby SkinCare also requires other products including Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion, Johnson’s cotton bud and Pears Baby Moisturizing cream. All our products are harmless, effective and specifically created to ensure that your baby is cautiously taken care of. If you have a specific product you want for your baby, you can be rest assured that we have ready for you. Is it Sebamed, Dettol or Cussons? Your adorable baby is safe in our hands. Here are a few things to note: Baby soaps, washes/cleansers, and shampoos are very mild and safe, but doctors advised that you use baby soaps carefully, as they can dry newborn skin. Baby lotion is used to moisturize the skin. Petroleum jelly like powder is to prevent diaper rash. Your baby’s skin needs to be soft, tender and glowing; these are some of the way you can tell that your baby has a healthy skin. Here at Nkataa, we care about the total health and hygiene of these tender ones, which is why we have provided you with a wide range of products for your baby’s skincare. Allow your baby’s skin to glow by selecting products from this category right from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or phone and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

Johnson's Cotton Bud 100's
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Pears Baby Lotion (225ml)
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Angel Cotton Buds
Johnson's Baby Lotion 300ml
Vaseline Baby (250ml)
Pears Baby Oil (225ml)
Johnson's Bedtime Lotion 300ml
Pears Baby Powder (250g)
Johnson's Baby Powder 400g
Dusting Powder 80g
Johnson's Bedtime Powder 400g
Nycil Baby Soap
Vaseline Baby (50ml)
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Pears Baby Jelly (250ml)
Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar
Boots Baby Soap
Agnesia Baby Soap
Sebamed Baby Lotion 200ml